I LOVE CAPE VERDE! Families are important. 2/3/2020

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been a long time since I sent one of these out.

I am doing great. Time is passing by so fast. These last few weeks we have been working hard and bringing many people closer to Christ.

A story I would like to share...

Djanice and Fredson, and their children Dominque e Maure. They are a beautiful family and I have spent a lot of time teaching them. The mom (Djanice) is from another island, but moved to São Vicente because of her husband´s work. She normally does not come to church, the rest of the family comes every now and then. A few weeks ago, we felt impressed to pass them. Djanice answered the door and immediately we could tell something was not right. As we sat down and began talking, Djanice told us that she had plans to go back to her home island with her son, and abandon her husband and daughter here. I was heart broken. Was one of the saddest moments in my mission. We shared a message about hope that comes from Jesus Christ. We reminded her that He suffered for us and that her family would find peace and joy if they followed Him. Before we finished, there was a pause. And I bore my testimony of Eternal families and of families in general. Here in Cape Verde it is very rare to see a normal functioning family. I told her how she needed to keep this family together, not for her. But for her kids! For her neighbors! For all the people who see them everyday. To start changing the standard. I let them know how much I loved them and how sad it was for me to see this happening. And began to choke up a bit, but I held back the tears. Then my companion, who is from Nigeria, bore his testimony. He told her that he had never seen his father or mother growing up. He had never felt that love from "mama e papa". At that moment I couldnt help it anymore and tears started slowly streaming down my face. He pleaded with her to not make her children suffer the same childhood that he had to suffer. We again bore our testimonies of Jesus Christ. And invited her to stay and not move away. We challenged her to bring her entire family to church that Sunday. And to begin praying together.

That Sunday, as we were picking up some other friends for church, we passed their house. And as we were walking by, a beautiful family of 4 walked out the door dressed in all white. My heart leaped for joy. I was so happy. We caught up to them, and Djanice told me "because we made you cry that day, I decided we would do something to make you smile"

We visited them again yesterday. Life still isn't perfect for them, but they are doing much better. They are happy. Djanice told us that she knows God sent us to her house that day. If we had not come, she would have left.

I am so grateful to be a tool in the Lords hand. I love Cape Verde and the people here. I feel like this is my second home.

Have a great week! And let your family know you love them.

Tchau tchau!

Elder Kendrick

Here are some funny/cool pictures.

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