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Cape Verdean airlines... & lots of pics 1/13/2020

This week was great! I got the opportunity to return MY FAV CITY PRAIA!

(the capital of Cape Verde) There was a leadership meeting to make goals for the new year that I had to go. We arrived a few days early and stayed in one of my old areas. It was really cool to say hi to some of my old friends and families I came to love.

This time of year, the airlines are pretty packed so its pretty hard to find flights. I had to go to a different island (Sal) before I went to Praia. It is one of the tourist island so they had good food but other than that it was normal haha.

One of the missionaries gave a me a box to bring to Praia but because I was in a rush I just shoved it in my carry on without looking in it. So a few hours later I am watching my bag go through the xray machine and I think "wait a second... I never looked in that bag haha. Hopefully it doesn't have anything bad in it..." the Cape Verdean running the machine doesnt even seem to flinch though so I think I am good. Later when I arrive I check through that bag to see what's inside, and there's a big bottle of RUBBING ALCOHOL that says "highly flammable" on the front. Dont think thats really allowed on planes idk haha. But thats Cape Verde for you.

Took a lot of pictures this week.

pic where I am standing with a mom and two boys is probably one of the families I have come to love the most. I would walk the son home from seminary almost everyday and when he saw me this week he ran up from behind me and almost tackled me with a braço so strong.

pic of the Chile flag haha it's just a little different from my Texas tie.

giant turtle shell behind me. a nice old man gave us catxupa (yummy corn soup thing) and said that his cousin hunted it and then gave him the shell

i am going to get a motorcycle after the mission, i've been trying out helmets

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