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  • Hunter Kendrick

FACE MOUNTAIN... and our friends Ricky and Kevin 12/10/2020

This week was amazing! My companion is from Argentina and this week he taught me how to make EMPANADAS. It is like bread stuffed with beef and vegetables.

Last Saturday, two of our friends we have been teaching were baptized. Ricky is the one standing closer to me and Kevin is the other. They are two outstanding young men.

Ricky has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. We asked him to pray about our message and ask God if it was true. He did, and he told us he felt something unexplainable in his heart and asked us if he could be baptized.

When he was baptized the water was FREEZING COLD! He started shivering when he walked in. But as I said the words of the baptism, we both had a warm feeling run through our whole bodies. The Spirit of God brings a peace that we can not find through anything else.

Love you guys so much! Have an amazing week!

Also here's a picture of a mountain here that the people call "monte carra" which translates to "face mountain"


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