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Cape Verde Mission
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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  • Hunter Kendrick

This week was amazing! Missed my family, but had an amazing time with my CAPE VERDE FAMILY! Also got to visit a new island! Because I am a Zone Leader I go and visit the other missionaries in our zone. We have some missionaries on a neighboring island called Santo Antoão and woa. It is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I felt like I was inside Jurassic Park haha.

On Christmas we went charoling with some other missionaries it was actually really fun. At first we started going to members of our church and singing to them but then we just started singing to random people in the street it was so fun haha they had huge smiles.

I am very excited for this new year. I am so grateful and excited that I will spend all of 2020 in the service of the Lord! Hope you guys are setting some new goals I for sure will be!

Cool experience:

We were eating dinner on Christmas Eve at a members house and just as we finished all the lights went out in the city. (all the Christmas lights were too much I guess haha) It was already night so it became super dark. We somehow made it back to our house haha and my companion and I went to the roof to look at the stars. As we stood there I reflected... We are all sons and daughters of The Grand Creator of the Universe! Its a lil dramatic haha but God is our Father! We can become like Him! Our time on this Earth is short and we need not have fear of anything or anyone. This is only one small part of our Spiritual lives. We come from a divine nature and should enjoy our time here. Lets not live our lives stuck in fear. We are only here for a short time. Follow Jesus Christ and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

Love you guys  so much! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  • Hunter Kendrick

Here is one of our friends Antonio. He is so cool. We were just walking down the street and then he ran up to us. "Elders lets go teach some people!" "I wanna help you guys!" We went and taught a bunch of people. He stayed with us for like 4 hours and he has a great testimony. JUST OUT OF THE BLUE!

Was really a big testimony builder for me.

This week was a little hard and Sunday morning I prayed really hard for help from the Lord to help us find some new people. And then Antonio just fell into our laps and helped us find many people who are ready to come closer to Jesus Christ. HELP THE MISSIONARIES IN YOUR AREA! AND YOUR FRIENDS!

We all need Jesus Christ in our lives and there are many people out there lacking his love.

Speaking of love I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for all the support. Here are some other cool pics of the island i am on. It is a lot more developed and has some BEAUTIFUL BEACHES! Other islands are very close so when you look out

theres just massive mountains dotting the horizon its like jurassic park haha.

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Wow! Last week I was getting ready to leave so I didnt have time to email sorry but I am now on another island! Called São Vicente, it's a beautiful island but I they speak A DIFFERENT KRIOLO!

For example, how are yall doing?

my last area in Praia "Modi ki nhos´sta"

here in São Vicente "maneira ki bzot´ta"

it's not crazy different but it definitely tripped me up a lil bit when I first arrived. President Amo called me to be a Zone Leader here! I really enjoy it. There's a few more responsibilities but its really cool because you get to create a good relationship with all the missionaries. I love getting people hyped up and excited, which is something Zone Leaders need to do SO ITS GREAT!!!

My new companion is from Austin Texas and has a Mexican background. It's so nice to talk with someone from a similar place. We always talk about how much we miss WhataBURGER or BUCCEES!!!! It's really fun. Today we made tortillas for lunch with a member from Texas also haha who lives here! and had breakfast tacos OOF it was sooo good.

Cool spiritual experience:

A lot of our compromissos (meetings i guess?) had fallen :( no one was home...

So we had some time to find new people to teach. We were kinda out of ideas though so we said a prayer and decided to let the Spirit guide us. A person came to mind and we started walking towards his house, BUT on the way we saw some kids playing basketball on one of the most makeshift hoops ive ever seen haha. But an idea came to mind... "hey! Lets play 2v2, if we win, you have to sit down and listen to our message about Jesus Christ" they laughed and agreed. But man! Normally Cape Verdeans don't know how to play basketball but these kids were good! I started to get a little worried, but then remembered THE LORD IS ON OUR SIDE! After that practically every shot we made was guided by Angels haha and we won the game :)

We had an awesome and they are now preparing to be baptized. Sometimes we find people in places we wouldn't expect to, but if you are listening to the Spirit you will know when you find them!

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